Smoothies for Kidney Health Cookbook

Smoothies for Kidney Health Cookbook

Cookbook Features:

  • 80 Recipes
  • Learn the relationship between typical diet choices and the ever-growing epidemic of CKD
  • Kitchen-tested smoothie recipes containing the very ingredients scientifically shown to protect and improve kidney function
  • Party Theme included

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A Delicious Approach to the Prevention and Management of Kidney Problems and So Much More

Smoothies for Kidney Health is a very special recipe book. It is expertly put together by a kidney donor, who is a registered nurse, and her mom, the recipient of her kidney. Together, they have taken their knowledge and experience to create a resource for all those suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD). By explaining how kidney function is impacted by the foods we eat, they offer a simple way for patients to help slow down, stop, or possibly reverse the many effects of CKD―including heart disease, the number one killer of kidney patients. The vital information provided in Smoothies for Kidney Health, along with eighty luscious smoothie recipes, is designed to offer help to all patients at any stage of CKD.

After presenting readers with a basic summary of kidney functions, the book explains the relationship between our standard diet choices and the ever-growing epidemic of CKD―as well as each of its common causes. Utilizing and referencing the most current research studies, the book clearly shows how certain foods can speed deterioration of kidney function, resulting in dialysis and early death. The book then discusses how to prevent or slow progression of CKD by altering diet, again supported by the most current research studies and footnoted. These sections also were reviewed and approved by a leading nephrologist and a cardiologist.

Following these explanation sections are eighty (80) kitchen-tested smoothies containing the very ingredients scientifically shown to protect and improve kidney function. Each recipe includes hepful health promoting facts designed for the issues facing kidney patients. All renal diet smoothies are renal dietitian reviewed and approved.

The recipes are divided into three sections to allow readers to select those recipes most appropriate for their stage of CKD. Section One highlights the key ingredients that can help slow CKD progression, lower proteinuria, eliminate acidosis, decrease uric acid levels, and otherwise aid the health of the kidneys and the kidney patient. The second section is designed for individuals who must alter their intake of potassium and/or phosphorus because of the inability of their malfunctioning kidneys to stabilized blood levels of those minerals. The last section provides dialysis patients smoothies with a focus is on heart health, improving stamina and survival, and minimizing common dialysis side effects. The reader will also find valuable suggestions throughout the book that will help kidney patient deal with their most common problems at each stage.

Once a diagnosis is made, kidney patients often want to know what they can do to improve their condition. The basic food suggestions offered in this book are within a patient's control in what is otherwise an uncontrollable and devastating disease. Smoothies for Kidney Health offers the hope and the help to aid kidney patients become part of the solution to improving their overall health.


"This wonderful book is written by a woman and her daughter who share their personal stories with chronic kidney disease, (CKD). When the mother was diagnosed with CKD, both the mother and daughter followed a protective kidney and heart healthy diet to improve their overall health, even though it was the mother's kidney function which was failing. The mother's nephrologist had predicted that the mother would need a transplant or dialysis within three years, but with their special diet, it was six years before the mother's kidney function failed. Her daughter offered her mother one of her kidneys which matched. After the operation, they both needed to continue to eat a kidney friendly diet to protect their kidneys for the rest of their lives. Having eaten a diet to preserve kidney function for years, they decided to write this book to help other people struggling with chronic kidney disease. The information given on kidney function and the foods to avoid and those safe to eat is very thorough and easy to understand. All of the advice, given by a woman and her daughter, who have really lived with renal failure, is information and a diet I can trust. The smoothies are very tasty and easy to make. I did have to purchase different ingredients that were not in my usual pantry items, in order to make the smoothies. I did find all of the ingredients I didn't have on Amazon, or the grocery store, so it made the diet easy to begin. I have been on the diet for two weeks now, and I am enjoying it. If I can protect my kidneys, so I never have to experience dialysis, or a transplant, eating differently is well worth it. I did purchase other kidney diet books on Amazon, but none were as complete as this book. Most lacked the nutrient values for each recipe, and some of the ingredients for their recipes were ingredients not recommended by my nephrologist. The information in this book has provided me with a diet that will help to protect my kidney function and overall health, and a diet that I can manage easily by myself. This book is a valuable tool for people experiencing CKD, or for those who want to prevent all of the diseases, like diabetes, which can lead to CKD in the future if you become diabetic. I believe that you will find the book very helpful for improving your kidney function and your overall health." -- KG

"If you or someone you love is dealing with kidney issues, "Smoothies for Kidney Health" is a godsend! It's packed with dozens of simple recipes for delicious and beautiful smoothies that everyone will enjoy. My partner has kidney disease, and watching what we eat is one way I can support her in her quest for a long and healthy life. Not just a collection of recipes, the first half of "Smoothies for Kidney Health" is a treasure trove of helpful information about kidney health and nutrition. (Did you know that 100% fruit juice is NOT good for kidney health??) Browsing this section will make you feel like an expert on the most important aspects of how kidneys work, how to protect them, and what to avoid.

Recipes fill the second half and are presented in a sort of "For Dummies" format - one to a page with ingredients listed in large black type on a white background that my 65 year-old eyes can easily handle. Each includes a tempting description of the smoothie, the list of ingredients and mixing instructions, a clear table of nutrient values, and a little bit of the science about why the smoothie is good for you.

Recipes are grouped for folks with different needs, including one for those on dialysis. One recipe in that group, "Red Velvet Chocolate Delight", includes raspberries, pineapple, and cocoa. Yum!!! Maybe the next edition can include little scratch-n-sniff panels. :)

Grab a copy of this cornucopia of useful information and tasty delights for your own collection and another for someone you know who's living with kidney disease or its precursor, diabetes." -- Mark A Steinwinter

"Thank you so much to the Authors who did research and tried and tested everything. Due to themselves have the same issues. This is a great read Learned so much. Just learned that my left kidney is bad and the Right one is doing great even at 58 GFI Thanks again ladies" -- Mary Trouble

Includes the Party Theme

About the Author

Victoria L. Hulett, JD, received her undergraduate degree from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, with majors in Biology and Psychology; her Master’s Degree from St. Francis Universaty, summa cum laude, and her Juris Doctorate degree from Indiana University School of Law, magna cum laude. Vicki taught in high school and college before obtaining her law degree and has received numerous recognitions and honors as a lawyer.

Jennifer L. Waybright, RN, received her undergraduate degree in education from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. She taught for several years before obtaining her nursing degree. She practices as a registered nurse, working with post-surgery patients, and enjoys presenting the topics on nutrition and its impact on the kidneys to miscellaneous groups.

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Recipe Included with this Cookbook:

  • What the Kidney Do In the Body
  • Chronic Kidney Disease 101
  • Kidneys and Heart - Partners in Disease
  • Diabetes - A Mostly Diet Driven Disorder
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome
  • Dietary Villains Related to CKD
  • Are We Setting Our Kids Up for CKD?
  • Dash for Kidney Health
  • Modifying Dash for a "Renal Diet"
  • What Makes a Plant Based Diet So Powerful?
  • Controlling CKD-Related Conditions Through Diet
  • Making Smart Food Choices
  • Potassium Rich Foods
  • Low Potassium Foods
  • High Phosphorus Foods to Limit or Avoid
  • Top Kidney Protection Tips
  • Smoothies Are Great for Kidneys
  • Smoothies are Heart Healthy
  • Smoothies Treat the Whole Body
  • Smoothies Help You Get Your "5 A Day"
  • Smoothies Automatically Limit Protein
  • Smoothies Are Filled With Fiber
  • Smoothies Are Our Kind of Fast Food
  • Smoothies Encourage You to Eat Breakfast
  • Smoothies Are One Mug Wonders
  • Smoothies Wake Up Your Taste Buds
  • Smoothies Are Shareable
  • Smoothies Are Perfect For An On-The-Go Lifestyle
  • Smoothies Are Kid Friendly
  • Smoothies Give You Bragging Rights
  • Organic vs Conventional Produce
  • The Question of Dietary Supplements
  • Substituting Ingredients
  • Tips for Inventing Smoothie Recipes
  • Preparing and Blending Your Ingredients
  • Doubling the Recipes
  • Cherries Plus Fiber
  • Green Tea Plus Peaches
  • Strawberry Watermelon Mojito
  • Dates to the Rescue
  • Spencer's Almond Cherry Attack
  • Pear Plus Pineapple
  • Sully's Virgin Pina Colada
  • Kale with Style
  • Kit's Indian Thai Inspiration
  • Touch of Thyme
  • Clara's Fruit 'n' Veggies
  • Peach Milkshake for "D"
  • Cranberry Ade for UTI and Kidney Stones
  • Pumpkin Plus Banana
  • Valentine Smoothie
  • Salad in a Glass
  • Jack's Orange Dreamsicle
  • Ben's Fruit Creation
  • Fun With Watermelon
  • Blueberries in the Spotlight
  • Blood Pressure Magic
  • Bloody Mary for Health
  • Tropical Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie
  • Green De-Stresser
  • Fiber Powder
  • Red Wine Smoothie
  • Memory Smoothie
  • Kidney Aid 101
  • Pear-Peach-Mango Tango
  • Ginger-Grape Nausea Easer
  • Vicki's Berry Blast
  • Soy-Apricot-Date Delight
  • Green Super Shake
  • Jennifer's Kidney Balm
  • Drinkable Sunscreen
  • Pineapple and Beets
  • Amy's Wacky Cake
  • Fig-Quinoa Breakfast
  • "A" Power
  • Plum Pudding
  • Pom Power
  • Apple-Blueberry-Grape Diabetes Relief
  • Blackberry Delight
  • Eva's Pink Shake
  • Pear-Hemp Shake
  • A Touch of Green
  • Ginger Fruit Nausea Buster
  • Berries for Blood Pressure Relief
  • Jennifer's Drinkable Pumpkin Pie
  • Vitamin C Delight
  • Drinking Your Salad
  • A Taste of Asia
  • Ruby Red Quencher for Blood Pressure
  • Fruit Smoothie for Diabetes Prevention
  • Tropical Delight
  • Live Long and Prosper
  • Berry and Oat UTI and Stone Defense
  • Taste of Turmeric
  • Veggie Refresher
  • Soy and Sage Power
  • Blueberry Starter
  • Berry Orange Inflammation Fighter
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Heart Blush
  • Red Velvet Chocolate Delight
  • Blueberry Peach Tummy Soother
  • Rice Pudding
  • Pear, Pineapple, and Sunflower Smoothie
  • A Touch of Fig
  • Cough and Sore Throat Soother
  • Watermelon Blood Pressure Easer
  • Peaches and Cream
  • Your Daily Dose of Vitamin C
  • Beet and Blueberry Hypertension Easer
  • Antioxidant Heart Power
  • Orange Sherbet with a Healing Plus
  • Veggie Salad Punch
  • Echoes of Apple Pie
  • Strawberry Shake
  • Cherry-Berry Cheesecake
  • Chapter 1 Kidneys - The Body's Workhorses
  • Chapter 2 The Dietary Basis of Kidney Disease
  • Chapter 3 Kidney Friendly Foods
  • Chapter 4 Slowing Kidney Damage with Produce
  • Chapter 5 Why Smoothies?
  • Chapter 6 The Basics of Making Smoothies
  • Chapter 7 Smoothies for Most
  • Chapter 8 Smoothies with Reduced Phosphorus and Potassium
  • Chapter 9 Smoothies for Dialysis
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