Dinner Parties

Jessica Strand

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  • No-fuss dinner party recipes
  • From intimate dinners to festive feasts for dozens
  • Filled with enticing color photographs
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Cook'n for Dinner Parties

A dinner party is one of life's great pleasures. Celebrate the company of friends and the joys of the table with this collection of delicious, no-fuss recipes on the Cook'n for Dinner Parties CD.

Fabulous food and good times are on the menu! This CD features delectable recipes for festive-yet-casual home-cooked meals, with menus tailored by party size and dishes to entice any palate.

Author and cook extraordinaire Jessica Strand emphasizes simplicity in both flavor and preparation. "Menu Managers" will help you plan and prepare in advance, so you'll spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your guests once the party has begun.

The recipes on this CD are fun, affordable, and easy to make, and will appeal to both experienced chefs and first-time cooks.

With enticing color photographs that look good enough to eat, plus practical presentation and serving tips, the Cook'n for Dinner Parties CD is an excellent companion to great home entertaining.

Jessica Strand has written food and restaurant columns for the Los Angeles Times and contributes to numerous publications, including Wine & Spirits , In Style , and Australian Vogue Entertaining & Travel . She is the author of several books, including Holiday Cocktails and Intimate Gatherings . She lives in Los Angeles. Victoria Pearson is a Los Angeles based photographer. Her photographs have appeared in several books including Sangria , Party Appetizers, and The Cheese Course.

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I've just loaded it - Cook'n for Dinner Parties - but I love it already. I didn't think I would, because I'm just not a fancy party person. But, this has not only party menus, but it has a SCHEDULE of when to fix stuff so everything gets done on time! Woohoo, another DVO HIT! Now, I'm getting the pictures! Those lovely PHOTOS and will go through the recipes at the same time. My kids need some of the gourmet things, too. Linda



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