Never Say Leftovers

by Current

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Never Say Leftovers

Over 20 years ago, Miriam Loo founded the Current Test Kitchen and developed hundreds of delicious dishes. In the tradition of good taste and healthy living, she offers some of her personally tested favorites in this special Cook'n cookbook.

If the leftovers in your fridge were a movie, what movie would they be? Diehard? 28 Days Later? Mold!? Barfee? Clean out that fridge by using Current's Never Say Leftovers Cookbook! The 120 delicious recipes in this cookbook are great the first time you make them and every time after that. They keep well in the fridge and will continue to please long after the lights have gone out. The only problem will be saving enough to actually have leftovers! Get Never Say Leftovers Cookbook today!

All the specialties of Current's Kitchen are now just a click away! Get Cook'n and get cookin' today!

Recipe Included with this Cookbook:

  • Apple Coffee Cake
  • Apple Topping
  • Banana And Pineapple Coffee Cake
  • Basic Beef Broth Recipe
  • Basic Crepes
  • Basic French Or Vinaigrette Dressing
  • Bean and Lamb Soup
  • Beef And Onion Sandwiches
  • Beef Broth and Noodles or Rice
  • Beef Broth with Croutons
  • Beef Broth with Herbs
  • Beef Broth with Tomato
  • Beef Patties
  • Beef Sandwich Filling
  • Beef-Macaroni Loaf
  • Beer-Cheese Soup
  • Broccoli-Mushroom Quiche
  • Broiled Fish Burgers
  • Butter Crisps
  • Butter Sponge Cake
  • Buttermilk Party Cake
  • Butterscotch Meringue Bars
  • Cheese Omelet
  • Cheese Sauce
  • Cheese-Topped Chicken
  • Chicken And Shrimp Gumbo
  • Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  • Chicken Broth with Rice
  • Chicken Soup Oriental
  • Chili Pork And Beans
  • Chocolate Cream Pie
  • Corn Custard
  • Cottage Cheese Biscuits
  • Country Lamb Hash
  • Creamy Chicken Soup
  • Creamy Dressing
  • Creamy Omelet
  • Creamy Vegetable Soup
  • Curried Turkey Spread
  • Curry Sauce
  • Dessert Crepes
  • Deviled Ham Spread
  • Egg Sauce
  • Eggwhite Spoonbread Puff
  • Fish Au Gratin
  • Fish Chowder
  • Fish-Filled Crepes
  • French Or Basic Omelet
  • Fruit Yogurt Salad
  • Garden Medley Salad
  • Garlic and/or Onion Dressing
  • Ginger Dressing
  • Goulash Soup
  • Ham And Cheese Quiche With Other Goodies
  • Ham And Mushroom Crepes
  • Ham And Potato Soup
  • Ham And Tomato Pie
  • Ham or Bacon Omelet
  • Herbed Chicken Pie
  • Herbed Crouton Omelet
  • Honey Divinity Drops
  • Hot Egg Salad Crepes
  • Italian Herbs and Cheese Dressing
  • Italian-Style Beef With Spaghetti
  • Lamb In Dill Sauce
  • Lamb Turnovers
  • Layered Ham Loaf
  • Marinated Vegetables
  • Mashed Potato Puff
  • Mediterranean Lamb And Vegetables
  • Medium White Sauce
  • Mexican Barbecued Pork
  • Minted Fruit And Avocado Salad
  • Mocha Swirl Coffee Cake
  • Monday's Pot Pie
  • Mornay Sauce
  • Mustard Dressing
  • Old-Fashioned Bread And Butter Pudding
  • Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Pie
  • One-Bowl Upside-Down Cake
  • Onion Tart With Rich Pastry
  • Orange-Mayonnaise Dressing
  • Pasta And Ham In Cream Sauce
  • Peach Bread
  • Peasant Soup With Basil Sauce
  • Pickled Fish
  • Pirog Of Beef
  • Pork And Rice Casserole
  • Pork With Cabbage And Cream
  • Pork-Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
  • Quick Beef Stew
  • Rescued Mushrooms Au Gratin
  • Roquefort or Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Shepherd's Lamb Pie
  • Sloppy Joes With A Difference
  • Sour Cream Porridge
  • Sour Cream Waffles
  • Squash Bread
  • Sweet And Sour Pork
  • Sweet Omelet
  • Swiss-Turkey Salad
  • Texas Beef Pie With Corn Bread Topping
  • Thick White Sauce
  • Thin White Sauce
  • Tomato, Ham, And Cabbage Soup
  • Turkey Chili With Beans
  • Turkey Curry With Condiments
  • Turkey Or Chicken Broth
  • Turkey Pasties
  • Turkey a la King
  • Turkey-Spaghetti Bake
  • Turkey-Vegetable Soup
  • Upside-Down Beef Quiche
  • Vanilla Pudding
  • Vanilla Sauce
  • Vegetable Roundup Salad
  • Vegetable Souffle
  • Vegetable-Fish Souffle
  • Yogurt Fruit Drink
  • Yugoslavian Lamb Casserole
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