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Cook'n Crepes

Creative crepe recipes are visually intriguing and fascinating to taste.. the kind of stuff fancy restaurants are made of. However, you don't have to go to France or a high class restaurant to enjoy these crepe masterpieces. Now you can make mealtime memorable with the collection of favorite recipes on the Cook'n crepes CD. Cook'n crepes contains over 120 crepe recipes

With Cook'n crepes, you'll be pleased to discover how easy it is to make a tasty crepe creation that will have everyone in awe!

French cuisine is often misunderstood by many who think that it is too complex and exasperating, but you will be surprised with its simple sophistication. There are many variations of this very old traditional french dish.

crepes can be the base for a whole meal, from an entree to a dessert crepe! Or, these delicate, delicious little, "pancakes" can be filled with lobster to make an elegant appetizer or strawberry cream for a fun dessert.

Recipes Included with this Cookbook:

  • 1, 2, 3 - Crepes
  • Appetizer Crepes
  • Apple Blossom Crepe
  • Apple Crepes
  • Apple Crepes with Hot Cranberry Syrup
  • Apple-Filled Crepes with Carmel Sauce
  • Appricot Crepes
  • Bacon and Asparagus Crepes with Pineapple Sauce Flambe
  • Banana Chocolate Crepe Filling
  • Banana Crepes with Fruit Sauce
  • Banana Pecan Crepes
  • Banana Pecan Crepes
  • Basic Buckwheat Crepes
  • Basic Crepe Recipe
  • Basic Dessert Crepes
  • Beef Stroganoff Crepes
  • Beefy Crepe Recipe
  • Beer Batter Crepes
  • Beer Batter Crepes
  • Berry Crepes with Ricotta Cheese
  • Blintzes
  • Blueberry Blossom Crepes
  • Blueberry Crepes
  • Blueberry-Almond Crepes
  • Broccoli Cheese Crepes
  • Broccoli-Chicken Crepes
  • Buckwheat Crepes with Apple Compote
  • Cheese Crepes
  • Cherry-Pineapple Crepe
  • Chicken and Ham Crepes
  • Chicken and Mushroom Crepes
  • Chicken Cheddar Crepes
  • Chicken Divan Crepes
  • Chocolate Breakfast Crepes
  • Chocolate Flavored Crepes ~ Blender Method
  • Chocolate Mousse Crepes
  • Coconut Crepes
  • Coffee Ice Cream Crepes
  • Cottage Cheese Filling
  • Crab and Cheese Crepes
  • Crab Crepes with Shrimp Sauce
  • Crab Mushroom Crepes
  • Cranberry Crepes
  • Cream Cheese Crepes
  • Creamy Fruit Crepes
  • Crepe - Style Manicoti
  • Crepe Au Glazed Banana
  • Crepe Duxelles
  • Crepe Florentine
  • Crepe Party Wedge
  • Crepe Souffle
  • Crepes A La Brent
  • Crepes A La Franaise
  • Crepes A La Mode
  • Crepes Caviar
  • Crepes Fitzgerald
  • Crepes Marinara
  • Crepes Melba
  • Crepes Normande
  • Crepes Puerto Rico
  • Crepes Suzette
  • Crepes With Cottage Cheese
  • Crepes with Mexican Filling
  • Crepes with Shrimp and Water Chestnuts
  • Crepe Batter for Dessert - Blender Method
  • Curry Chicken Crepes
  • Danish Style Crepes
  • Delicious Gluten-free Crepes
  • Duck Crepes
  • Entree Crepes
  • Florentine Crepe
  • Florentine Crepes Cordon Bleu
  • French Banana Crepes
  • French Breakfast Crepes
  • Fresh Mushroom Crepes
  • Fruit and Yogurt Crepes
  • German Filled Breakfast Crepes
  • Grandma's Breakfast Crepes
  • Grilled Sabayon Fruit Crepes
  • Ham & Cheese Crepe
  • Ham and Asparagus Crepes
  • Ham and Banana Crepes Polynesian
  • Ham and Egg Crepes
  • Ham and Mushroom Crepes
  • Ham Filled Crepes
  • Ham, Swiss, and Asparagus Crepes
  • Handkerchief Crepes
  • Hungarian Crepes
  • Italian Dessert Crepes
  • Jalapeno Chicken Crepe
  • Lemon Crepes Suzette
  • Lobster Newburg Crepes
  • Low-Fat Honey Crepes
  • Manicotti made with Crepe
  • Maple Grapefruit Crepes
  • Markov's Ham Crepes
  • Meat & Spinach Crepes
  • Meat Crepes
  • Mexican Chicken Crepes: Mesa Crepes
  • Mexicana Fiesta Crepes
  • Mini Crepes with Asparagus
  • Mushroom Crepes
  • Nutty Crepes
  • Omelette Crepes
  • Orange Blossom Crepes
  • Orange Crepes
  • Paper-Thin Norwegian Pancakes
  • Paper-Thin Norweigian Crepes
  • Party Chocolate Crepes
  • Peach Blossom Crepes
  • Peach Crepe
  • Peach Crepes
  • Peachy Pecan Crepe
  • Peanut Butter Plus
  • Pineapple Rum Crepes
  • Polish Dessert Crepes
  • Pudding Crepes
  • Raspberry Banana Crepes
  • Royal Crepes
  • Ruffled Crepes Isabel
  • Rye Crepes
  • Salmon Crepes
  • Sausage Crepe Roll-Ups
  • Sausage Crepes
  • Seafood Crepes
  • Spinach - Cheese Crepes
  • Spinach Chevre Crepes
  • Strawberry Cream Crepes
  • Strawberry Crepes Supreme
  • Strawberry Crepes with Honey Sauce
  • Strawberry Sauce
  • Stroganoff Crepes
  • Sundae Crepes
  • Sunshine Crepe
  • Sweet Crepes
  • Taco Crepe
  • Tetrazzini Crepe
  • Tex-Mex Cornmeal Crepes
  • Tuna Crepes Paprikash
  • Tuna Manicotti Crepes
  • Vegetable Crepes
  • Yogurt Filled Crepes
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