101 Things to do with Ground Beef

Stephanie Ashcraft and Janet Eyaing

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101 Things to do with Ground Beef

From appetizers, soups, and sandwiches to grilled sensations and family favorites, these simple, tasty comfort food recipes will please everyone!

Everybody knows that meat loaf is the ultimate comfort food, but what else can you do with that easy-to-use, affordable, nutritious freezer staple? Here are 101 easy and delicious recipes to make the most out of ground chuck, hamburger, and turkeyburger.

Included are recipes for appetizers, side dishes, soups, sandwiches, burgers, meat loaf, main dishes, and more. You'll get a kick out of these easy, tasty recipes: Beefed-Up Bean Dip, Beef Wontons, Hawaiian Meatballs, Egg Rolls, Hungry Boy Beans, Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup, Winter Chili, Baked Hero Sandwiches, French Onion Burger, Blue Cheese Meat Loaf, Barbeque Beef Pizza, Lasagna Roll-Ups, and Coney Dogs.

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Recipes Included:

  • Asparagus Shepherd's Pie
  • Aunt Leara's Zucchini Boats
  • Autumn Potluck Soup
  • Avocado Meat Loaf
  • Baby Meat Loaves
  • Bacon Calico Beans
  • Bacon-Wrap Burger
  • Bacon-Wrapped Patties
  • Baked Herb Sandwiches
  • Baked Italian Delight
  • Baked Meatballs
  • Barbecue Meat Loaf Patties
  • Barbecue Meatball Kabobs
  • Barbecue Taco Platter
  • Barbecued Beef
  • Barbeque Pizza
  • Barney's Slow Cooked Beans
  • Basic Burger
  • Beef and Potato Pie
  • Beef Wontons
  • Beefed-Up Bean Dip
  • Beefed-Up Pork and Beans
  • Beefed-Up Spaghetti
  • Black Bean Nachos
  • Blue Cheese Meat Loaf
  • Cabbage and Beef Potpie
  • Camper's Potluck Dinner
  • Cheeseburger Pizza
  • Cheesy Meatball Soup
  • Chili Beef Barbecue
  • Colby Sloppy Joe Burger
  • Coney Dogs
  • Corn Crusted Beef Dish
  • Corn Flake Meatballs
  • Creamy Tortilla Pie
  • Cuban Beef and Potatoes Over Rice
  • Dinner Patties
  • Drinda's Beef Stroganoff
  • Easy Italian Pasta Skillet
  • Easy Tin Foil Dinners
  • Egg Rolls
  • Empanada Pie
  • English Muffins Pizzas
  • Feed the Posse Stew
  • French Onion Burger
  • Giant Meatball Sub
  • Ginger Beef Bok Choy
  • Grandma's Sloppy Joes
  • Grandma's Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Grandma's Taco Soup
  • Grandma's Winter Soup
  • Great-Grandma Stowell's Meatballs
  • Green Chile Burger
  • Grilled Swiss Sandwiches
  • Guacamole Burger
  • Gumbo Burgers
  • Hawaiian Meatballs
  • Hotter-Than-Hot Chili with Beans
  • Hungry Boy Beans
  • Individual Meat Loaves
  • Jack O'Lantern Burgers
  • Jackpot Casserole
  • Kid's Favorite Lasagna
  • Lasagna Roll-Ups
  • Lisa's Meat Loaf
  • Mac 'n' Cheese Meat Loaf
  • Magnificent Meatballs
  • Meat Loaf in an Onion
  • Meat Pies
  • Meatball and Mini Stars Soup
  • Meatball Stroganoff
  • Mexican Pizza
  • Okra and Beef Skillet
  • Open-Faced Stroganoff Sub
  • Paco's Taco Salad
  • Party-Ready Meat on Rye
  • Pineapple Meat Loaf
  • Polynesian Meat Loaf
  • Porcupine Meatballs
  • Potato-Covered Meat Loaf
  • Quick Tamale Pie
  • Salsa-Rice-Hamburger Skillet
  • Saucy Tacos
  • Southwestern Meat Loaf
  • Stuffed Apple Meat Loaf
  • Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup
  • Stuffed Eggplant
  • Stuffed Manicotti
  • Stuffed Onion Burgers
  • Stuffed Taco Pasta Shells
  • Stuffed Tomatoes
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Sweet and Sour Meatballs
  • Swiss Mushroom Burgers
  • Taco Layer Dip
  • Taco Pie
  • Taco Sandwiches
  • Texan Pitas
  • Tracy's Hamburger Rice
  • Winter Chili
  • Yummy Meat Roll

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