DIY Beauty Product Recipes Straight from the Kitchens of Members

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  • 50 quick recipes - many of which have only 3 ingredients
  • Make your own cleansers, toners, scrubs, masks, creams, lotions, balms, bath and body treatments, facials and hair treatments
  • Save time and money with ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen
  • Create natural treatments that look good enough to eat - in some cases you can!
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DIY Beauty Product Recipes Straight from the Kitchens of Members

The women of dish out their tried-and-true kitchen beauty product recipes in this full-color, simple-to-read guide that's perfect for beauty lovers on a budget.

An A+ Apple Mask

Citrus Steam Bath Salts

Cooling Lime Rose Water Toner

Micro Scrubby Yogurt Cleanser

Simply Soothing Mask

Smooth As Silk Scrub Bars

Bloom Beauty from Scratch teaches you to create your own spa experience with natural ingredients found as close as your pantry or refrigerator. Calm irritated skin with the Oh So Soothing Milk Cleanser, smooth out the rough patches with Scrub Me Honey Body Scrub and confidently flash your pearly whites after whipping up an easy Clean and Gleaming Teeth Whitener-just a few of the 50 kitchen-inspired treatments that will have you looking like you just indulged in an expensive day at the spa. See the full list of these yummy beauty concoctions below in our Table of Contents!

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Micro Scrubby Yogurt Cleanser -
To my surprise this cleanser is actually pretty amazing and one that I would continue to use. The baking soda gives the perfect amount of exfoliation my skin needs.

Skip The Dessert and Go For The Scrub -
After using this scrub my lips were so soft I had to go to my husband and brush my lips against his so he could feel the difference. He said he really could feel they were softer.

Simple Hydration Mask -
This mask was so simple to make since I had everything at home. I love how this felt on my skin and left my skin with a nice glow.

Hawaiian Getaway Mask -
I wasn't too sure about this mask at first but after a few minutes with this on my skin and a tiny bit dripping onto my lip I was sold. It smells and tastes, he he, so good. I will definitely make this again.

Your Hands Will Thank you Scrub -
Love, Love, Love this scrub, not to mention it looks so cute by my sink. After gardening this scrub works perfectly to remove all the dirt and grime off of my hands. Even my 3-year old wants to wash his hands with this scrub.

The Ultimate Dessert Scrub & Why Not Whipped Body Butter -
I decided to make the body butter first and then a few days later I tried the Ultimate Dessert Scrub. While this scrub is a bit of a mess it is 100% worth it. After using the scrub I applied the Why Not Whipped Body Butter and my legs were like silk. I will definitely do this before any pool party or special event.

Smooth As Silk Body Scrub Bars -
I am so glad I made these!  First of all, I had fun trying something new and making something myself and secondly, these little gems are amazing in the shower. I tried these on my legs and after scrubbing I rinsed with water and the water just beaded right off my legs. I will be keeping these close by the shower to use a couple of times a week.

Table of Contents:


Bye Bye Eye Makeup Remover
(Eye Make Up Remover)
By: Sara S. - Greensboro, NC

Oh So Soothing Milk Cleanser
(Milky Oily Skin Cleanser)
By: Rebecca N. - Orlando, FL

Have a Little Breakfast With Your Cleanser
(Oatmeal Cleanser)
By: Michelle A. - Chicago, IL

Micro Scrubby Yogurt Cleanser
(Yogurt Cleanser)
By: Megan D. - Phoenix, AZ


Wowwie Lemon Toner
(Lemon Toner)
By: Cara R. - San Diego, CA

Cooling Lime Rose Water Toner
(Lime Rose Water Toner)
By: Eva R. - Minneapolis, MN

Roses Are Red Toner
(Rose Water Toner)
By: Eva R. - Minneapolis, MN


Scrub Me Honey Body Scrub
(Almond Honey Body Scrub)
By: April M. - Denver, CO

Sugary Sweet Scrub
(Brown Sugar Scrub)
By: Kelly C. - St. Louis, MO

Skip The Dessert and Go For The Scrub
(Chocolate Body Scrub)
By: Carrie L. - San Francisco, CA

Kiss Me Chocolate Lip Scrub
(Chocolate Lip Scrub)
By: Rachel B. - Atlanta, GA

Pass Me the Ginger Ale Scrub
(Ginger Ale Scrub)
By: Colleen T. - Cleveland, OH

You're Such a Peach Scrub
(Peach Sugar Scrub)
By: Barbara V. - Richmond, VA

Eggstra Almond Scrub
(Almond Scrub)
By: Melanie H. - Dallas, TX

Your Hands Will Thank You Scrub
(Sugar Soap Scrub)
By: Andrea C. - Jacksonville, FL

Gimme A Kiss Vanilla Lip Scrub
(Vanilla Lip Scrub)
By: Patti W. - Tulsa, OK

Almonds Are A Girls Best Friend Scrub
(Yogurt Almond Scrub)
By: Cheryl P. - Pittsburg, PA


An A+ Apple Mask
(Apple Mask)
By: Mary L. - Des Moines, IA

A+B = A Fantastic Mask
(Avocado Banana Mask)
By: Tara U. - Tucson, AZ

Simply Soothing Mask
(Banana Oatmeal Mask)
By: Brenda M. - Sioux Falls, SD

Just Peachy Banana Mask
(Banana Peach Mask)
By: Amy H - Dallas, TX

Hawaiian Getaway Mask
(Coconut Milk and Pineapple Mask)
By: Stacy W. - Las Vegas, NV

Gorgeous Grape Mask
(Grape Mask)
By: Amber T. - Indianapolis, IN

Simple Hydration Mask
(Hydrating Egg Honey Mask)
By: Holly P. - Green Bay, WI

Too Nice Not To Try Oatmeal Avocado Mask
(Oatmeal Avocado Mask)
By: Beth C. - Kansas City, KS

Simply Natural Acne Fighting Mask
(Oatmeal Tomato Mask)
By: Marissa D. - Los Angeles, CA

Everything's Peachy Mask
(Peach Mask)
By: Ellen G. - Charleston, SC

Pumpkin Pie Mask
By: Shelly O. - Detroit, MI

Anti-Aging Wonder Mask
(Yogurt Anti-Wrinkle Mask)
By: Sheila H. - Colorado Springs, CO


Ah-Mazingly Calming Cucumber Cream
(Calming and Hydrating Cucumber Cream)
By: Cathy N. - Omaha, NE

Vanilla Crush Cream Bars
(Orange Vanilla Lotion Bars)
By: Gayle P. Albuquerque, NM

Lip Maniac's Dream Lip Balm
(Tinted Orange Vanilla Lip Balm)
By: Liz N. - Austin, TX

Why Not Whipped Vanilla Body Butter
(Vanilla Body Butter)
By: Molly B. - Seattle, WA

Bath and Body Treatments

Amazing Almond Bath and Shower Fizz
(Almond Shower Fizz)
By: Sally D. - Boston, MA

Clean & Gleaming Teeth Treatment
(At-Home Teeth Whitener)
By: Brandi F. - Louisville, KY

Frugalista Body Wash
(Bar Soap Body Wash)
By: Traci T. - Columbus, OH

Smooth As Silk Scrub Bars
(Brown Sugar Body Scrub Bars)
By: Kristi G. - Phoenix, AZ

The Ultimate Dessert Scrub
(Chocolate Coffee Scrub)
By: Jill H. - St. Paul, MN

Even Better Than A Cup Of Joe Scrub
(Coffee Scrub)
By: Wendi T. - Kansas City, MO

Citrus Steam Bath Salts
(Orange Bath Salts)
By: Carol P. - Birmingham, AL

Steaming Hot, Cold As Ice Peppermint Bath Fizz
(Peppermint Bath Fizz)
By: Dana M. - Milwaukee, WI

Peppermint Foot Soak
By: Gretchen O. - Nashville, TN

Can My Legs Get Any Cooler Scrub
(Peppermint Salt Scrub)
By: Kristin J. - Salt Lake City, UT


Bye Bye Blemish Facial
(The Anti-Acne Facial)
By: The Bloom Team with recipes from, Rebecca N, Eva R, Cheryl P and Marissa D.

Drier Than The Desert Calming Facial
(The Dry Skin Facial)
By: The Bloom Team with recipes from, Michelle A, Eva R, Melanie H and Holly P.

The Facial On Everyone's List
(The Normal Skin Facial)
By: The Bloom Team with recipes from, Megan D, Eva R, April M and Mary L.

Time To Dry Up That Oil Facial
(The Anti-Acne Facial)
By: The Bloom Team with recipes from, Rebecca N, Eva R, Cheryl P and Marissa D.

The Ouch My Skin Burns Treatment
(Sunburn Skin Treatment)
By: The Bloom Team with recipes from, Rebecca N, Eva R and Amber T.

Hair Treatments

Eggsactly What Your Hair Needed Mask
(Hydrating Hair Mask)
By: Brianne R. - Wilmington, NC

City Girl Wave Spray
(Wave Spray)
By: Heather B. - New York, NY

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